Animal Welfare Policy

CanCog conducts non-invasive research that does not jeopardize the health of our animals. As a company we are committed to providing a comfortable and safe environment that meets or exceeds regulatory standards. We ensure that high quality veterinary care is provided for all animals. The goal of our studies is to improve the health and welfare of animals and people.

  • Only non-invasive research is conducted by CanCog. This research may involve collection of blood, urine or fecal samples and non invasive imaging techniques: no other invasive procedures are performed.
  • No research is conducted that requires euthanasia of the subjects.
  • All research studies embrace the three Rs of research: replacement with non animal alternatives whenever possible, reduction in the number of animals used and refinement of the study to minimise the potential for distress to the animals involved.
  • Our research facilities strive to meet or exceed the requirements of the Ontario Animals for Research Act and the guidelines of the Canadian Council on Animal Care.
  • All animals have environmental enrichment with toys, group housing and socialisation with people.
  • Our research is conducted on healthy animals or animals with naturally occurring disease. We do not induce diseases in our animals.
  • A colony of older dogs and cats is maintained specifically for the investigation of aging and associated naturally occurring diseases. Appropriate veterinary care is provided for all animals. Each animal's quality of life is reviewed on at least a yearly basis. Humane euthanasia is provided when quality of life declines and cannot easily be treated.
  • Some of our research involves clinical trials with pets living at home. These pets are always provided with appropriate veterinary care as required.