Food Intake & Body Weight

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In a representative study, 14 neutered beagle dogs of both sexes were fed their normal laboratory diet (Purina Pro Plan) once daily for half hour per day, but at an individually increased level, with the goal of raising body fat to a level of 25%. Collectively, body weight increased progressively over a four month period, with an overall group increase of 42 % compared to baseline. As a group, the animals achieved this level of body fat within 4 months. The increase in body fat was accompanied by modifications in several blood chemistry parameters. There were, however, individual differences: most but not all animals became obese, indicating that dogs can also model the individual differences seen in human obesity. The figure below shows the weekly body weight for each of the 14 animals given increased rations, fed once per day allowing for precise timing of drug treatment. The dogs self stratified into three groups; those that showed a marked increase in weight and associated obesity, a second group that demonstrated a moderate increase in obesity and a single dog that did not increase in weight. All but one animal responded to increased food availability by progressively increasing body weight, leading to development of obesity.

Feed Intake Plot